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Leadership development generally refers to the process of enhancing an individuals leadership competencies within an organization. But in reality this is a journey of self discovery, of pushing new limits, of learning and growing, of mind-shift and of becoming more aware, more balanced, and an example for your team and your organization.

What Is It?

Leadership or Executive Coaching supports you to develop strategies and competencies, to enhance your impact and increase the value you bring to your organization. All leaders face in their careers moments when the capacities and the talents that made you successful in the past are no longer enough. Taking on a more senior position, leading change or managing a new initiative in the organization, all require growth in new directions that imply new capabilities. Oftentimes, these call for both new competencies and new mindsets.

Our coaching process is always customized to your individual needs, objectives and challenges. We work together with you to set outcomes and goals, identify measures of success and build a tailored development plan for getting you there. Through confidential, 1 on 1 relationships with a supportive leadership expert, you learn about your strengths and weaknesses and develop outlooks, new strategies and competencies so you can approach challenges that you have not faced before. Our program provides a valuable opportunity for you to gain unexpected insights and experiment with new mindsets and ways of acting that will take you to the next level of performance..

How It Works

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During your initial free phone consultation, a career coach will work with you to determine how we can best serve you and meet your goals.

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Based on what your coach and you discussed, we will tailor a program specifically for you and prepare a quote explaining the cost. f you decide to move forward and become a client, you’ll receive an electronic invoice.

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As a client in our leadership coaching program, you’ll be assigned a dedicated career coach. The service you’ll receive will be unique to you, addressing your needs and ensuring that we meet your goals.

Our Methods


Whole Brain Thinking®

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI) is a practical, easy-to-apply program that helps you adapt thinking preferences and optimise brainpower to maximise business results. WBT is a scalable framework that provides a lens for understanding your HBDI profile.


Whole Brain Thinking® is an approach with over 40+ years of applied cognitive science and experience that makes ‘better thinking’ your competitive edge. With WBT, it easy to build alignment, engagement, and agility across your organisation in an ever-changing volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Who Benefits

Today leaders face information overload syndrome. Add to this cognitive diversity. There is a widening gap between what was said and what is understood. As this gap widens,organisations’ can no longer work with speed and agility. Herrmann brings harmony in a VUCA world to help move the organisation directionally in the same direction.
Instinctive Drives

Instinctive Drive System®

The Instinctive Drives® system reveals your innate drives and motivations – your natural, instinctive way of operating, driving you to be at your best, every day


The Instinctive Drives® system is for individuals and businesses. If you want to build a culture of authenticity, a culture of trust and a culture of performance. Individual contributors have used their I.D.™ to be the people at their natural best.

Who Benefits

A great leader doesn’t just survive, but they thrive in business. But our lives consist of more than business. The instinctive drive system can help you find greater and more consistent levels of success and fulfillment. You will find your ID to help you live an extraordinary and purposeful life.
The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle®

The Leadership Circle Profile is an integrated lens of a leader’s vertical development. This tool measures the two primary domains – Creative competencies and Reactive tendencies.


The Leadership Circle is based on the premise that ‘better leadership means better business results’, Based on the research done by Robert Kegan, The TLC model is based on stages of leadership development. How well you lead depends on where you are in the stages of leadership.

Who Benefits

Our coaches will be able to help individuals, teams, and organisations on their leadership journey. to bring out the best version of yourselves, enhance the effectiveness of your teams, and attain new perspective on growth.


StandOut is a strength-based talent development tool. The content and coaching that comes with this assessment have empowered thousands of leaders globally to bring the best in each of them and their teams they lead.


StandOut takes care of three important areas of an organisation. The employee engagement to outpace your competition, team performance tool to drive better performance outcomes, and leader development to sustain momentum for the strengths-based approach that generates success.

Who Benefits

We use StandOut to increase employee engagement to reduce employee attrition, increase productivity through programs from regular check-ins with the team, and techniques for leaders to use to the primary and secondary strengths of individuals to maximise results for the business.

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